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28 Jan


28 Jan

HELLO  peeps ;D im happy for having a dog lmbo jk

every one should go to the stock show in fortworth tx

plus i hope everyone has an awsome week with your

family and friends and eat alot of food so u can get fat

o ya and also look them aggies up espeacially jhonny football ;D 

seee ya later guys

25 Jan

Art Note Blog

Who ever said a fish was boring?

Most fish are covered in transparent scales, which lets the color of their skins shine through.
I guess, i really never gave it some thought, but i believed all the time the color was on the scales. But it turns out, the color is on the skin. It’s the other way around. #learnsomethingneweveryday

The color is used to distinguish young from adults or males from females. Some fish can even change their color in different situations. Keep in mind that not all fish have a rapid coloration change. The change is usually gradual. But, there are other kind of fish (very cool fish) that can alter their colors rapidly. When it comes to changes in mood, temperature, stress or visible changes in local environment. These rapid color changes are also used for mating and territorial display, body language, and even some fish put on “pajamas” to go to sleep (Good…

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25 Jan

See the world like this:


Another example of why Cades Cove is one of the best places to visit in the Southeast United States.  This majestic 8-point was a short walk from the bathrooms. He was eyeing the other buck seen in this series.  I had high-hopes to see them spar.



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16 Jan

Faces Places Paces

I recently visited the Delhi Zoo. Found this beauty there.

Deer at Delhi Zoo

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14 Jan

hi! real world out there so i love cupcakes lmbo jk but ya i have a fun sinence ,reading and computer teacher 🙂 ya so ya everyone shoukld be an aggie fan

and ya they won there cotton bowl ya thier  awsome

so yeah look them up peeps



Lavender + Honey Cheesecake

11 Jan

A Cup of Gatsby


Recipe via

How could you not love cheesecake

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