Aggie Football Weekend

11 Jan

The Blog of Wildstar, aka Jimpossible

Uncalled Pass Interferance
Ryan Swope goes for a TD pass.
Reveille, Texas A&M Mascot
Reveille VIII, First Lady of Aggieland!
Went to College Station to see S. and go to the Texas A&M vs. Sam Houston State football game Saturday.  The Aggies did not disappoint beating the heck outta SHS 47-21 – WHOOP!  It was actually 47-0 until Coach Sumlin cleared his bench in the fourth quarter.  I’m glad he let everyone play, he even let “Johnny Football” try an extra point kick (missed).  Enjoyed taking S. out to lunch and spending time together too.  The weather was perfect for an afternoon football game with sunshine and temps. in the seventies.  We were way up in the upper nosebleed seats, but I was able to get some good zoom action shots with my 300mm.  We also stopped and watched the post-game yell-practice with the band and I was able to get this colorful shot of the yell…

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