Movin’ on up (the growth chart)

11 Jan


NO! NO! NO! This cannot happen!

adult high chair

I love me some babies! I really do. But there’s a reason they shouldn’t stay babies forever. Sure, the toddler stage is adorable, but if they’re healthy and able, they shouldn’t remain permanently dependent on their mothers for the rest of their lives. High chairs, baby strollers and diapers are definite proof of this. Those things are only fashioned to hold humans up to a certain size – and that size is small. Outgrowing small means shifting into the next exciting stage of growth, eventually maturing into adulthood.

At some point, infants becomes toddlers, who become adolescents, who become teenagers, who become young adults, who become old adults, who become even older adults who may or may not revert back to the diaper stage, only the larger and more absorbent ones. Ewwwwww.

Not even sure where I’m going with this, but…

There comes a time when children have to learn to do what…

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