4 Feb

Royal and Doodall

Well folks, yep, it’s Superbowl time again and the whole of America will be glued to one of their television sets.
As an English gentleman, obviously I prefer rugby. Which is a very similar game to American football, with a few differences – played by real men being one of them…. Also, you’ll note that rugby is not called football. Rugby, like American “football” is mainly a “ball in hand” game, unlike football ( the actual name for what Americans have renamed soccer – so they don’t get confused ), in which the ball is mostly played with feet.

Anyway, to the game preview. Based on the in depth research and with aid of a bespoke data analysing program, I have deduced the following:
At the start, two teams will take to the field. One team will be a kicking team. This is called a punt off team, or something, they…

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