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25 Mar

 Hello people and im a boy  im so happy for this week . WHY  u ask ? because we only have 2 more days of school YAY ;D so exctited because im going  some were different with some one different .But im going miss all my friends and teachers L but look on the bright side I can txt them and we can face time of cource with all this crazy tecnoligie of course . any whoo im so bored and ya I forgot to tell yall im a boy. So yea bye nice talking to ya people




  BYE ;D


need to know: Austin TX Rodeo

22 Mar


saddle up for a good time at the Austin Rodeo



Merle Haggard performance…

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Shetland Pony

22 Mar

Views From A Small Island

Mini Shetland Pony 2


I came across this tiny little fella while out walking today.  He shares his field with a few rescued horses, ponies and other Shetlands and even a few chickens. I’ve seen plenty of Shetlands and even seen plenty of them in Shetland but I have never seen one as small as this before.  To give a sense of size, the fence is less than four feet high.  He is cute but don’t let that fool you.  Having stayed in Shetland, anything that can survive winter (and even summer) up there is tough.

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It’s Funny Pictures/Videos Friday Expect Some Crazy Stuffs…..Lmao

22 Mar



Remember what today is? It’s egosentrik’s funny pictures/video FRIDAY…..Get your dancing shoes cos we gon PARTY HARD!!!! *YAY*

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18 Mar

Well this week was our spring brake had lots of fun and a very amazing week with all my best friend and family. I went to the carnival and went to parties and swam a little then went horse racing with my really really rteally truly best friend and Talked to my old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time I feel like going back now it was so amazing over ther were I went. So yea hope everyone had a awesome great fun amazing spring break like the one I had. Everyone take care and eat and  sleep a lot hahahahah any who BYE;D