hi guys

13 May

Hi guys I love pizza and riding horses and roping . I also like hunting  and camping most of the time in like helping people out and hanging out with my friends im so scared of hights and I love swimming I love ghoing down to the creek and  hunting rabbits and squirls. Mikeayla is gorgeous!!and I love pigs and goats and cows and the most horses I love them more than I love my self . any ways I love word press and ill reblog later  by.

Keep Calm…

9 May

Mr. Planters Paparazzi Sighting

9 May

Animal Cruelty The Whole Family Can Enjoy (Stop It)

30 Apr


30 Apr

Hello people well today I wanna talk about wet,tx  from what I heard every one is doing mutch mutch better.but the little towm is still under construction and most of the kid are going to school already.now I wanna talk about one of our new baby horses Monday morning our mare gave birth to a little sarrow philie she so pretty and playfull she trys to bite me and kick me.also when I sit on the ground she comes up and lays up on by me love it hashahaha. Well any who them aggies be whoopin some butt bahaha ok bye.

bad week

22 Apr

o my wow were do i start 

alot of bad things happened   like WEST TX AND BOSTON boston had two stupid guys set off 2 bombs i dont no why people are like that these days and west was an accident there fertilizer plat blew up it was so scary i only live about 30 miles away and i heard the explosion clearly i felt it too it shook everyones house so yeah bye


8 Apr

HELLO  people out there in the internet world. Today is Monday of course so I love horses of course I ride them race them and love them lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah so yeah I love sports and sometimes school . In school we are doing are dream houses on a website called sketch up it awesome and amazing the thing you can do on that drawing website is crazy and funny .HARLIE is so funny and crazy and PRETTY  lol and she has some muscles  And the rest of my friend are awesome and kool and funny so yeah bye 🙂